Hello! This is a personal project website by me, Alan Pope, Developer Advocate at Canonical. Although I work at Canonical, this is a project maintained on my own time and hosted on a VPS I pay for. Consider it just another personal blog where I can collect thoughts and articles about Ubuntu.

One of my goals for 2020 is to improve my writing skills, and one sure-fire way to achieve that is to just do more of it. While I do sometimes write blog articles as part of my work, those are created based on requirements in my work. Ubuntu Update is more of a place where I can write freely, about a topic I like, without being seen as the official ‘Company Line’.

While the blog and content should be considered ‘unofficial’, it’s written by someone working at Canonical, with a particular perspective.

Eagled-eyed viewers will likely know I already have a blog which unsurprisingly is hosted nearby, on this very same VPS. I am keen to have a separate, more focused place to put my Ubuntu thoughts.

Of secondary interest I wanted to try out a different workflow for publishing. The content on this blog is published via Hugo. True to their marketing word, Hugo is indeed pretty fast, and perhaps we’ll have an article about that, once I’m further than just knee-deep in. All the code and content is hosted on GitHub.

All my content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY SA 4.0.

The Hugo framework and theme are copyright their respective authors.

The VPS is hosted by BitFolk who aren’t sponsoring the site or content, but they’re friends, and I like their services. If you’re looking for a reliable VPS host, consider using BitFolk. Tell them I sent you. :)

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